About Us

We are proud to have been the sole UK Authorised Distributors for Spectrum Labs products since 2004.

When purchasing from us you have the peace of mind that our years of experience and service afford you. You are effectively buying straight from the manufacturer not some dusty headshop or here today gone tomorrow online store.

Because we don't sell anything else our focus is placed on knowledge of our products, customer support and all technical aspects of testing as they change and evolve.

About Spectrum Labs

Spectrum Labs has been the innovation leader in the detoxification industry since 1992 and over the years their labs have developed various other detoxification products including teas, fruit drinks, effervescent tablets, capsule supplements, filtration products, and, of course, the world's most popular synthetic urine, Quick Fix which holds two separate United States patents.

Today Spectrum Labs features the leading research and development lab and in the industry. They are the only detox company to receive patents for both additives and synthetic urines. Currently they've streamlined their detox product offerings to Quick Fix, Quick Fix Plus, Quick Clear Detox drinks and a Urine Detoxifying Agent. Spectrum's products are sold all over the world, helping millions of people protect their privacy and peace of mind.

All products are formulated, manufactured and packaged entirely in the USA, even the hand warmers are American made. You can be confident you've made the right choice because you purchase directly from the Spectrum Labs distributor.