Quick Fix

Have any questions about our Quick Fix products? What is the correct temperature? Can I add anything to the Synthetic Urine? How do I keep Quick Fix at the correct temperature? Where can I find my product expiration date? Check our FAQ!


I heated the Quick Fix up twice, and there is still no reading on the temperature strip. What is wrong?

You need to let the product cool down. The directions recommend heating the product for 10 seconds. If you do not see a dot under the temperature, but the bottle feels warm, you have probably overheated the bottle. Allow it to cool down for a few minutes, remember it only has to be body / blood temp!

Where can I find my expiration date on the product?

We track manufacture dates through the batch code which can be found at the top of the instruction sheet inserted in the carton.

Use our Batch Validator with your batch code to verify your batch has not expired.

Formula codes are found on the bottom of the box below the content description.

Our current formula is 6.3

Can I mix 2 different Quick Fix together if just using 1 doesn't fill it to the line?

Yes, you can mix 2 Quick Fixes together as long as they are both current batches.

Our current formula is 6.3.

Can I add anything to the Synthetic Urine?

No, if you add anything to the Quick Fix Synthetic Urine, you will contaminate the product and will not be able to use it for your test.

Can I pour the silver/red pouch into the Quick Fix?

No, this is the heat pack. All you need to do is take the warmer out of the plastic wrapper package, and shake it. Once shaken, the contents will automatically activate. This can only be used once though, so don't open it until you need it.

What temperature do I need to have the Quick Fix at?

You need to have this product between 94º and 100º F. Your body temperature is 98º F, so you need to have it as close as your body temperature as you can.

What is the best way to keep Quick Fix at proper temperature and leave it there?

We recommend when you receive your Quick Fix to practice getting it to the correct temperature either by heating the product for 10 seconds in the microwave, then attaching the heating pad or keeping the product against your body to keep the heat.